A hydroponic grow monitor and controller system based on Raspberry Pi. Currently it Tweets the data every 10 minutes to @GrowPi_v1. It also has automated event triggers, scheduling, notifications, and manual online control of the system (via gui/buttons) working.

The goal, an all-in-one solution to automate a home grow or small greenhouse…at a reasonable price.

This project is currently a work in progress and will have more functions added (CO2 detection/meter, pH meter, 2nd pump system for weekly nutrients, etc.).

Welcome, and thanks for checking out growpi!

Live Stream

Sensor data, read every 10 minutes and whiskey stone reviewssent to a Twitter account for easy viewing/retrieval.

Here’s a live stream of growpi at work!
(Don’t get too excited, you are literally watching plants grow lol)

I am hoping to get some tomatoes out of this first test.